Empowerment of Architectural Change

About Me

I am empowering people and organizations to reduce the complexity and risk inherent in the development of software-intensive systems by improving the way they design, evaluate and implement software architectures. This encompasses the enhancement of architecture-related methods and processes (e.g., agile architecting), the adoption of technologies (e.g., cloud computing) and application of innovative architectural patterns and designs (e.g., IoT, AI). I refer to all those activities as architectural change management.

During my career, I have gained more than 20 years of experience in strategic IT advisory, IT projects, enterprise and software architecture management. I have extensive practical experience in consulting on various large-scale projects and worked intensively with customers on innovative IT solutions. Particularly, I have a strong background on software architectures and software engineering. Thus, I have profound knowledge and experience in designing, evaluating and implementing software-intensive systems. I embrace complexity, new technologies and architectural challenges. However, I always observe new IT trends critically and put them into perspective.

I like to share knowledge, give talks and occasionally blog here. This website contains information of my projects, publications, activities and offerings. In addition, it comprises a knowledge base which consists of a curated list of resources which I consider valuable.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Mastodon. Please use these channels to contact me.