Below you find an overview of my service portfolio. I’d love to share more details on request.

Software Architectures

Whether you pursue to design a new architecture or your existing architecture requires a review, I can support you along the complete architectural lifecycle. I’m proficient in the structured design and evaluation of software architectures based on proven concepts and methods, and independent of the chosen development methodology (plan-driven, agile or hybrid).

Architectural Scaling of Start-Ups

I’ve gathered extensive practical experience related to the implementation and roll-out of products and services from an end-to-end perspective. It doesn’t matter whether your are a self-contained or intra-corporate start-up, I can assist you scaling your business from an architectural, overarching perspective ‒ including your IT systems, governance, organization and processes.

Adoption of Technologies

If you would like to assess the potential of technologies like cloud, IoT or AI in your corporate context, I can facilitate a structured evaluation and adoption process. I’m experienced in the evaluation and introduction of new technologies on corporate-level including the implementation of the required changes to your governance, organization, processes and skill sets.

Presentations & Talks

I love to speak about architectural change management. Topics can include architecture-related methods and processes, the comprehensive adoption of technologies, the application of innovative architectural patterns and designs and much more. Of course, contents and focus of the presentations can be tailored to your individual needs.

Coaching & Trainings

From my perspective coaching and training are essential parts of an encompassing, architectural change journey. However, I also offer dedicated, custom coaching and training sessions on executive, team and individual level.