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Guiding Change to the Way People and Organizations Design, Evaluate and Implement Architectures

I am empowering people and organizations to reduce the complexity and risk inherent in the development of software-intensive systems. Depending on the context, this requires changes to the way people and organizations design, evaluate, and implement architectures. However, an efficient and effective architectural change journey requires coordinated changes to the organization, processes, governance models and tools. Therefore, I am guiding the identification, design, and implementation of organizational changes related to the architecture domain.

I grew up in the Ruhr area of Western Germany which went through several phases of structural crisis and industrial diversification moving from a strong focus on traditional heavy industry into various service industries and high technology. Thus, change has always been with me. Moreover, I have extensive experience in large-scale transformations, change processes, and technology adoptions. For example, I led several change programs to enhance the architecture-related capabilities of organizations. I was also leading large-scale transformations towards the public cloud including all required changes to the governance, organization, processes, and skill sets.

Coaching and Training on Architecture and Architectural Change Management

From my perspective coaching and training are inherent in an architectural change journey of an individual person, team, or organization. Thus, I offer dedicated, custom coaching and training on executive, team and individual level focusing on architecture and architectural change management. Moreover, I am currently developing a new training course focusing on the topic on agile architecture. In this training course the participants will learn how architectures can be designed, evaluated, and documented, particularly in scaled agile software development endeavors. The focus will be how agile and architectural practices can be dynamically combined in an efficiently and effectively way.

I love watching others advance and grow. Beyond that, I consider myself as a life time learner. When I am coaching and training executives, teams, and individual persons, there are always synergies because thinking about how an architectural concept or practice can be explained to somebody increases your own understanding and leads to deep knowledge.

Support of Architectural Activities at Software, System, and Enterprise Level

Whether you want to understand your architecturally significant requirements, design a new architecture or your existing architecture requires a review, I can support you along the complete architectural life cycle.

During my career, I have gained extensive practical experience related to large-scale and complex architectures on software, system, and enterprise level. Thus, I’m proficient in the structured design, evaluation, and documentation of architectures based on proven concepts and practices – and independent of the chosen development methodology (linear, incremental, or agile). I embrace complexity, architectural challenges, new technologies, and emerging patterns. However, I always observe new IT trends critically and put them into perspective. The discipline of architecture encompasses a lot of proven concepts, practices, and methods. Therefore, I am of the opinion that architectures can be engineered.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience Related to Architectural Concepts, Practices, and Methods

I am promoting the sharing of architectural knowledge and experiences between academic research, standard organizations, and industry. Particularly, I am promoting the usage of existing architectural concepts and practices to facilitate organizational changes and support architecture-related activities. I like to write blog posts, give presentations, moderate workshops, and develop architectural frameworks, tools, and practices. On my website I maintain an architecture-related knowledge base which consists of a curated list of resources which I consider valuable. I am pushing several side projects which aim at advancing the discipline of architecture. For example, I am working on the Architecture Practice Library (APL) which is an open, common, and organized body of knowledge related to architectural practices to grapple with the existing knowledge gap in the industry. Moreover, I was involved in the authoring of the new knowledge area on software architecture in the latest version of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK).

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Stefan Malich